Keeping your Pittsburgh home in good repair takes a lot of work. Not only do you need to keep up on routine maintenance to ensure your home stays in working order, but you also need to regularly inspect your home for abnormal damage. Being aware of these different kinds of damage can help you spot problems before they get too serious.


Signs of roof damage can indicate a variety of different problems that a homeowner could face in the future. If roof damage is significant, the house could also have structural integrity problems, problems with siding, or a roof that needs complete replacement. As you identify signs of wear and tear on your roof, address them quickly. Replace aging shingles and make sure your gutters are cleaned out and working properly. Doing this upkeep will go a long way in preventing your roof from needing more serious repairs so it can protect the rest of your home.


Another serious kind of damage you should watch out for is foundation damage. There are a variety of ways that your foundation could be damaged, from soil that erodes the foundation material to water issues. Foundation damage also may be caused by utility issues such as plumbing leaks. Be aware of any plumbing problems, try to have your plumbing inspected relatively frequently, and pay careful attention to any places around your home or yard that are prone to get standing water. You may notice it after rainfall or after you turn on your sprinklers. But know that any evidence of standing water could mean that too much water is sitting on your foundation, eroding it and threatening the safety of your house.


If you’re in the process of purchasing a home or if you are currently going through and assessing your own home, pay particular attention to any areas where mold is or has developed in the past. If you can, try to catch mold growth as early as possible. This problem can be incredibly destructive, as mold rots at the structural integrity of your home, harms your health, and can be difficult to get rid of completely.

As you work to keep your home well-kept and undamaged, make sure that you have a trusted home inspector to turn to. Having an expert routinely inspect your home can give you a lot of peace of mind. As you do this and perform routine maintenance, you’ll likely be able to address problems quickly and efficiently before they become serious.

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