Your home is a peaceful place, and a haven for family life and friends to visit. You’ve created it with your own personal touches and colors, from the wall paints to the puppy scratches on the back door. But, in order to protect your home and all of those inside, you need some basic plans. What should a homeowner have to feel safe in their home?


It can seem overwhelming to begin to plan for potential emergencies, simply because it’s anxiety-inducing to think about having an emergency. However, all you need is to start with simple instructions. Consider what sort of emergencies happen in your general area, and focus on those. Not every area experiences volcanoes, forest fires, or hurricanes! Next, consider what needs to be done for your home and specific situation. If there is a fire, for instance, where should your family members meet outside of the house? Small beginnings help immensely.


Having a security system is a great way to feel secure, especially if your security system is installed by someone who is qualified and monitored by those who are trustworthy as well. Along with digital security, you can also install a physical fence. After all, a fence up can increase property value, and no fence can suggest a home is less secure. Posting emergency numbers on the fridge and teaching children how to call 911 and how to use it appropriately is a good mental system to implement as well.


Like all other plans, this one isn’t a guarantee of safety from burglars, but having a large dog is a good deterrent. A large dog is an extra defense against home intruders, and they’re surprisingly not as much work as some folks think. They do need yearly exams, walks, and food—and, of course, love and devotion. Their loyalty, however, creates a great early alarm system if trained properly. They can alert homeowners to unusual activity, both during the day and night, and scare intruders before they ever get inside. All in all, burglars want easy experiences. Dogs make things uneasy for them.

Having a basic emergency plan can create a sense of peace in your family. Both children and adults will feel safe knowing they have a plan if there is an issue, large or small. Having that peace and security in your home is a must!

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