Over here at All Clean By Anabelle, we wanted to share a few tips as to what you should expect after you’ve hired a maid or cleaning service in Pittsburgh.

Cleanliness: You want your cleaners to be … well … clean. It’s a given that your cleaner won’t be wearing a suit and tie when they arrive at your home, but what we mean by clean, is that they show up with a clean appearance and not wearing the same sweatsuit for the last week or two. The effort a person puts into their hygiene will speak on the effort they’re willing to put into your home.

Professionalism: You want your cleaners to portray a professional attitude while delivering your service. This is extremely important to us at All Clean By Anabelle and we have high standards for all of our amazing cleaners.

Insurance: You never want to hire a cleaning service that is not insured since insurance will cover any accidents on the job or a theft that occurs while the insured cleaner is in your home. If your cleaner is not insured, you are liable for the cost of any lost, stolen, or damaged property that may occur while the cleaner is in your home. 

There’s a reason we’re Pittsburgh’s Best House Cleaning Service! We have the highest standards for all of our house cleaners. 

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