Living in a warm place has many benefits, but some downsides come as a result of the humidity. To combat these adverse effects, you can prevent and fix them by staying on top of cleaning the house.


The most common issue that comes from humidity is mold. It gathers when there is extra moisture, and the warmth helps spores grow. As a result, to prevent mold, you want to get rid of any excess moisture. You can do this by using a dehumidifier, and by keeping any wet surfaces dry like showers or remains of leaks. However, once you get mold, it is a lot more difficult to get rid of.  Bleach is a popular way to kill bleach and remove stains. If you prefer a more natural way to kill mold is by using white distilled vinegar.


Your cleanliness is also the best way to prevent pests from entering your home. During humid months, animals are more likely to get into your home and stay if they can find a source of food. If you don’t want pests like ants or mice, keep the house clean. Anything sugary or fatty is most likely to attract ants. Mice are attracted to crumbs and can be prevented even by storing food in tight containers. You can also prevent pests from coming into the house by filling in any cracks in the house and removing ways they can enter the home.


Summer heat and humidity can even affect the structural integrity of the house by leading to rot. While some rot is inevitable, you can do your part to prevent rot in similar ways as mold. You should get rid of any extra water, and in some cases, you will need to remove the rotten wood so that it does not spread.  If you live in a humid climate, it might be best to build out of rot-resistant materials, like synthetic wood or vinyl siding.

In the summer, you want to be able to enjoy the nice weather without the worry of humidity-inflicted damage. As a homeowner, you can work to prevent most of the issues by keeping the house clean and dry before any mold, pests, or rot can develop. If you stay on top of it all, you can have a carefree summer this year.

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