Cleaning is an essential and crucial part of every individual’s life. As a matter of necessity, every person is meticulous about taking a bath as often as possible to keep clean. A subtler part of cleanliness is house cleaning which is highly necessary for health and comfort. Many find their lives too choked out by work and other necessities of life that they have little to no time to properly and thoroughly clean up their houses. Here is where quality professional residential house cleaning becomes of great importance.

That feeling you get when you open your door and find your home sparkling clean is just… magical. Mopped floors, dust-free shelves, and sparkling windows are all expected outcomes. The beauty of professional residential house cleaning though lies in the extras – deep cleaning services rendered at very little extra cost.

What should you look out for in a house cleaning company? This article will be useful to those in need of professional cleaning services and also to those who are just starting up their house cleaning service. Here we’ll be discussing a number of the major standout activities or identifiers you can use to identify the proper house cleaning service for you.


Everyone is a “professional” residential house cleaner, at least until proven otherwise. You do not desire a “professional” that would make things worse rather than better. Or do you?

Cleaning a home as a professional is radically different from cleaning your own home. You have to be very thorough when doing so. Like everything else, it takes time and practice. This is even more so because anyone placing an order for a residential house cleaning service will be doing so expecting a luxury service, and paying for it too. Vital experience can be gotten by doing it for free (or at a discounted rate) initially – for those just starting up – for friends and family members.

Professional house cleaning should include the following, in no particular order:

  1. Removal of cobwebs and a dusting of baseboards.
  2. Making the bed.
  3. Dusting off ceiling fans.
  4. Wiping of kitchen cabinet facings and appliances (such as the microwave).
  5. Polishing stainless steel.
  6. Cleaning window ledges.
  7. Cleaning of vents, wall hangings, light fixtures, and baseboards.

Note that while all of these are necessary when employed to clean a house, number 7 is particularly vital for an initial cleaning service, except when requested as extras in subsequent cleaning.

Extra services (Deep Cleaning Services)

To get extra value at little cost, the extras are an important part of your order, especially for those in need of deeper cleaning services than the standard cleaning service provides. What are some extras to request at a minimal cost?

  • Outside cabinets, drawers, and cupboards cleaning
  • Detailed baseboard cleaning
  • Interior window cleaning
  • Appliances cleaning (such as fridge, oven, etc.)
  • Moving in/out cleaning: This broad service covers all packages included in general and deep cleaning, plus a more thorough complete house cleaning including spot washing walls in all rooms; in and out cleaning of all cabinets, cupboards, and drawers in the bathrooms and kitchens; sweeping out empty garage floor spaces (if available), etc.

Cleaning Personnel Vetting (another house cleaning perk we offer)

Letting someone into your home is a huge display of trust. You do not want someone who appears in your home and carts away all your prized possessions. So, for those contemplating residential house cleaning services, and those in need of quality services, getting vetted cleaning personnel is a good way to begin. Vetting your personnel is both time and money-consuming. Below are a few things that can be done to vet your personnel, and keep your clients at ease with letting you into their homes.

  1. Drug testing: This is a critical part of employee vetting. A drug addict always needs his fix and can go as far as stealing goods for money to fund their habit. Addicts who find themselves in houses of different people often can help themselves to prescription painkillers, restricted medications, or worse valuable property. So, for those running cleaning services, be sure to run a drug check on your employees. For those in need of cleaning services, ensure those coming into your home are drug tested.
  2. Past employment references: This will help you learn of a person’s work ethic, desire to please clients, good judgment, attentiveness to detail, and virtually all important records to consider before adding an employee to your payroll. This may be the least important of all the vetting steps needed but is also very necessary for employees and clients.
  3. Criminal background checks: Okay, having a past criminal record is not always a guarantee that a person will be involved in any criminal activity again. However, for persons who will be having access to your home in your absence, personnel must be as clean as possible with a clean criminal record. Conducting this kind of vetting might be tricky and could have counter effects if not properly handled, but if done within the limits of the law improves the credibility of your service.

It is important to note that vetting of cleaning personnel can be carried out by either the owner of the cleaning service or by clients seeking their services. For the most part though, clients would require firms that run residential house cleaning services to vet for their staff as this process can be expensive and time-consuming.

Running a good house cleaning service – as with every other business – requires background work. Your service should be professional and your staff vetted, throw in a little bit of the right extras to keep your clients coming back, and you’ve got yourself a winner. When seeking a good house cleaning service, consider the testimonials of the firm you choose to go with, and also ensure that their personnel can be properly vetted. If you carefully select the right service you’ll find out it can be rewarding and satisfying in the least, and at best – great value for money.

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