There are so many appliances on the market for households to enjoy that it can become complicated to decide which ones are worth the investment. After all, investments include not only the money you are spending on the item itself but also the cost of the space you are using to store it permanently. You need to know if it’s a one-time use the object you should borrow or rent, or if it’s something you need to use all the time. Here are some cleaning investments which are well worth the money to purchase:


The addition of a central vacuuming system, whether to a new build or an established home, is always a delightful surprise. You might not know it, but this is one addition that can be seen as beneficial to resale value in the long term as well. A central vac can add up to $20k of resale value in a home! Beyond that, it’s a daily use sort of treat—there are no cords causing issues, no dragging out of a vacuum, only the quick ability to sweep up all of the dirt in a home.


A home needs to be pressure washed every few years for the health and safety of the foundation, and decks and cement patios, walkways, etc also need periodic pressure washing. The addition of a pressure washer, even a small one, to your household repertoire can increase the chance you have a weekend when work can get done. You should choose something powerful enough for your personal needs. You don’t need something so powerful that you can damage your paint or lose a toe! Likewise, you probably want something compact for storage purposes.


Your car is one of your financial assets, and protecting it is critical to retain that value. Auto-paint protection also comes with other benefits, such as increased value and a better-looking car. Over time, the paint of your car can lose its outer layer, leaving it looking like a peeling sunburn. If you want to prevent this damage and want to make sure your car stays beautiful for years to come, a paint protectant is a great plan.


While you might not need to store a cleaner that can do whole house cleaning, a spot cleaner is an excellent investment. There are excellent offerings of small carpet cleaners which can take care of those spots which appear on both carpets and upholstery which no child, adult, or pet seems to know anything about! By getting to stains quickly, you have a greater chance of being able to remove them completely without professional assistance.


With concerns over the Delta variant growing, having something to sterilize common household items, while effortlessly cleaning them, almost feels like a pipe dream. However, a handheld steam cleaner, with or without a long handle, is a great option. While sterilizing with boiling steam, it also knocks loose dirt and grime from around all of your varied other appliances. Did you want to deep clean the fridge or toilet? A steam cleaner is your best bet. Being able to wipe off door handles and even shower stalls in a way where it’s both safe for you and the environment is a great option. Using water to do so takes down the toxin load in your household as well.


You don’t want to be lazy…just efficient. Did you know there are attachments for your drill which can help with stubborn scrubbing? For those who have stubborn soap scum which needs both physical time and attention, this can be particularly a wonderful thing to add to your household repertoire. They’re inexpensive, easy to store, and can half your time scrubbing. More importantly, though, they can save your arms and back from strain and frustration.


Common for use in squeegeeing off a car, a water blade is a handheld squeegee that also can make your life a lot easier. Unlike a traditional squeegee, this one gives you more control over a larger surface area. Whether that means your glass front door, the final rinse of your car, or your mirrors are getting cleaner, and faster, it’s always a bonus. Your windows can also benefit from this tool, which is easy enough to hold for smaller hands and yet simple enough to make a clean, streak-free surface.


In the absence of the option to have a robotic mop (which is possible), having a mop that is self-wringing is a great boon. Not every household needs the constant patrol of mechanical mopping or vacuuming. However, the option to have a quick and easy microfiber mop that not only wrings but gets dirt up is a great choice. Few people don’t need less dirt and dust in their houses. If you are one of the many who like their cleaning products to be both efficient, with machine washable cloths which keep your house even cleaner, and space-saving design which saves your back and closet area.

Whether you need appliances that will serve you well on major jobs over a vast quantity of time, which will add value to your home, or be a space saver that can serve you for years to come, the most important thing is to support your home by working on cleanliness daily. You don’t need to scrub carpets daily or wash windows daily, and you might not even need to pressure wash yearly. However, having access to the tools which can serve your family well over time can give you the support you need to keep your home clean. While you know the work needs to happen, being able to do it with the least amount of effort can make it less taxing, less exhausting, and less frustrating. This leaves you more energy, money, and time for the fun things in life!

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