Are you thinking about moving to Pittsburgh, Pa? If so, here are 5 of the best reasons to make the move!

Carnegie Museums. Pittsburgh has many amazing museums to enjoy and explore. These museums offer the chance for kids to get hands-on, the ability to climb a rock wall, and even dinosaur bones. They can keep your whole family entertained for hours!

Dancing. Pittsburgh has many nightclubs/bars that offer great drink specials and all-night dancing! Get out there and shake that stress off in an exciting environment. Pittsburgh even offers a strip of dance clubs and local bars for those who want to change their scenery during a night out.

Our beautiful bridges! Pittsburgh has 446 bridges overlooking many beautiful sites (especially when the sun is shining on the water). They provide us with a way around, a scenic trip, and add beauty to our already gorgeous city.

Kayaking. Go down to the North Shore and rent a kayak from Venture Outdoors. Spend hours on the water surrounded by Pittsburgh in all of its lovely glory. You can go this alone, with a friend, or make it a family affair. This makes for a great day spent outdoors taking in the sunshine.

The Incline. Our Duquesne Incline is one of Pittsburgh’s oldest and greatest attractions. It is maintained regularly but has kept true to its original look. The Incline overseas has such a breathtaking view of the city! You can’t beat the nostalgic experience!

These are only a few of the great reasons you should make the move to Pittsburgh if you find yourself undecided. This is enough to introduce you to the amazing world here in Pittsburgh. The rest you can discover once you’re here!

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