The presence of mold within a home can be not only extremely expensive to remove but also very dangerous to the health of the whole family. However, knowing where to look for mold is a challenge on its own. Here are three areas of your home that could be causing problems.


The room is the first line of defense from bad weather. This also means that it can easily be a major factor for your mold issues. Those living within cool and moisture environments will often face this issue more often. So, how can you tell that mold is growing on your roof? If you see your roof shingles covered in a black streak or have green growth on them, this can be an indicator of mold. Fortunately, there are some ways to prevent this from reaching the interior of your home. You should consider adding or replacing your louver. The louver equalizes moisture to prevent mold damage.


Nobody wants to deal with mold, especially in the kitchen where you cook your family’s meals. However, the reality is that this is one of the most common areas where mold appears. Kitchens are a common spot for mold because of the constant and high level of moisture and humidity. Most of the mold found within the kitchen will be located under the sink, inside the cupboards, and along your window sills. The best way to avoid mold from growing is to have your kitchen be well-insulated. You should also make sure that your windows are waterproofed and that the room is well-ventilated when cooking.


Possibly the most common place where mold tends to grow is the home basement. This is because many of the home’s water pipes, as well as drainage systems, are near this area. Mold is able to thrive here because a basement is often improperly ventilated and doesn’t receive sunlight to help evaporate water. The best way to minimize the risk of mold is to take preventive measures such as fixing leaking pipes, fixing uneven floors, and looking for any leaks on the ceiling.

Mold within the home can be a dangerous thing to have around your family. Make sure that you both locate these common troubled spots as well as begin to take the necessary measures to prevent mold from growing.

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