You already know that keeping your home clean can help keep your family feeling more peaceful, and help keep dangerous germs out of your lives. As opposed to chemicals, which make up everything including water and air, toxins are chemicals that are dangerous to human bodies. You want to limit your exposure to toxins, but you also want your world to be clean and fresh! Here are some excellent natural cleaning products which can make your home clean and fresh, but which also are healthy for your family to use:


Vinegar is a wonderful option for a cleaner! It’s tough on bacteria and molds and is safe around family and pets. Almost everything in your home can be cleaned with a simple vinegar spray! You can add orange, lemon, or grapefruit peels for an extra boost of disinfecting power, and a fresh citrus scent. Vinegar is lovely to use to dust with, to wipe countertops, but also great as a “spray and mop” option. It leaves no sticky residue and doesn’t stain or bleach surfaces.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a magnificent cleanser, either with or without another product. It’s an excellent soft scrubbing product for things like sinks and bathtubs, and yet is mild enough that it will not damage skin, or other surfaces. Baking soda can even destroy stains on your mattress. If you make a paste of baking soda and a mildly acidic substance, like lemon juice, it can be good for deodorizing those difficult-to-care-for spaces and fabrics.


Although you don’t want to ingest it, otherwise borax is also a safe and natural cleanser to use in the home! Not only will it brighten your laundry and get it extra clean, but it can also deodorize everything from your toilet to your floors. Like baking soda, it can make a paste with lemon juice and then be used to get mildew off of grout and other surfaces. It’s great for scrubbing sinks and toilets, and wonderful for creating a soak for fabrics that can remove even stubborn stains.

You don’t have to have your allergies flare, or be concerned over toxins to clean your home. Grab some microfiber cloths, and some vinegar, and get going! Use baking soda scrubs in complex areas, and Borax in your laundry and bathrooms. Pretty soon your home will shine but in a way free from toxin dangers.

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