Running a rental property is an exciting opportunity and a big responsibility. Sometimes it can be difficult to decide exactly what you need to do between renters at your property, but by making appropriate changes, you can start the relationship off right with your new renters. Make the transition as easy as possible by implementing the three tips below.

Fix Damages

The first thing you need to do before the new renter moves in is taking care of any damage that may have occurred since the last tenant moved in. When considering what to charge the previous tenant for, make sure to charge for actual damage rather than normal wear and tear. Things like small stains, a small number of little nail holes, or loose handles on drawers are probably normal wear and tear. However, large stains, missing outlet covers, or broken doors or cabinets constitute damage that you can charge. Whatever the damage or wear and tear, taking care of it and patching holes, and repainting can be a great way to create a good first impression for your new tenants.

Do a Deep Cleaning

After making repairs, deep cleaning can help get your rental space set up for the new tenants. Scrubbing down walls, surfaces, and cabinets can help prevent odors and sticky surfaces from causing problems for your new tenants. After taking care of hard surfaces, a good carpet cleaning can help get your property up to snuff. Cleaning carpets can increase air quality by removing harmful dust particles. Baseboards often get missed in the cleaning process, so be sure to clean those before the new tenants move in. The better the deep cleaning, the better the air quality, and the general appeal of your rental property will be.

Switch Out Batteries and Filters

One final thing to take care of before your new renters move in is making sure your filters and batteries are up to date. Check all of your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors and change out the batteries, this will ensure that your rental property is safe for the new renters. Also, replace the air filter to ensure good air quality.

Taking care of your rental property is an important part of your work as a rental property owner. Getting things in order before your new tenants move in will help create a smooth transition and build trust with your renters.

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