Hardwood floors can be stunningly beautiful. The wide selection of woods and colors can give each home a unique look that can add real value to the home. In order for the floor to last, however, you need to keep it clean. That’s something that can be easier said than done though, especially when you have pets.

Set Up a Schedule

One of the more frustrating things people experience when it comes to cleaning is that it often seems like as soon as you’ve cleaned something, it gets messy again, and almost right away too. You may be able to relieve some of that frustration by setting up a cleaning schedule for yourself. That way you know when you should clean your floor and when to treat it to keep it looking nice. Just sweeping may not be enough though. Solid hardwood floors should be refinished to keep them looking clean and in good condition.

Choose the Right Furnishings

The right furnishings can go a long way toward helping keep your hardwood floors clean and in good condition. You can use an area rug to reduce the amount of dirt, fur, and allergens in the air. Similarly, furniture that is low enough to the ground that your pet can’t get underneath it will protect that section from getting scratched or dirtied by your pet. Just make sure to have something like felt on the bottom of the legs and be careful when moving it so you don’t scratch the floor with the furniture instead. 

Take Care of Your Pet

There’s something to be said about addressing the problem from the point of origin. In this case, it’s your pet. Taking care of your pet in terms of grooming them can go a long way towards reducing the amount of fur or hair that gets shed onto the floor. Trimming your pet’s nails can help keep them from scratching up the floor. Train them to go to the bathroom outside or to use a litterbox, depending on your pet, to reduce the number of indoor accidents that you have to clean up.

Having pets can make keeping a hardwood floor clean and in good condition a real challenge. Setting up a schedule, choosing the right furnishings, and taking care of your pet can help though. Take a proactive approach to keeping your beautiful hardwood floors clean so you can enjoy both them and your pets for years to come.

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