Cleaning out your garage is often a task that most people avoid. But making it more personalized can help your garage become a room you significantly enjoy. Here are some things you can do to make your garage feel more like your garage.


Adding storage is a great way to make your garage a better space for you. As you think about how and where to add storage, you must start this process by cleaning through everything. Perform a thorough cleaning of your garage. Instead of unpacking your stuff haphazardly, pull the cars out of the bays, go through your different items and gear, and make sure that you are being deliberate in what you are keeping.

Then, it will be easier to know what kind of storage you need. For example, maybe you need overhead storage for the bikes you don’t use a ton so that you can have more space to put in shelves to store other gear.


In addition to adding storage, it’s also fun to brighten your garage a bit. Throw some fun wall hangings up or you could even add some color to the floor.

Instead of a traditional darker color, you could instead go with a lighter tan or gray or even another fun color. Epoxy is used in many industrial facilities for concrete floors. Using epoxy can help you achieve a lighter, more fun look.


Another great way to make your garage feel more like your garage is to make sure some of your most defining gear is featured. If you’re big into mountain biking, store your bikes proudly—whether above your car or on the ground in one of your stalls. If you’re into camping, don’t store your tent at the back of some shelf, bring it forward.

Doing this will not only allow you to highlight some of the gear that makes you you, but it will also make that equipment more accessible. The more accessible it is, the more likely it will be that you will use it more often.

Your garage doesn’t have to be the armpit of the house. As you implement some of these tips, you’ll start to appreciate this room more. Even making just a few changes can make a world of difference.

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